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Designed For The Skin You're In

Say goodbye to dark spots, acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines, and more in just minutes a day with beauty technology designed specifically for you.

Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

The Soléy Laser fades dark spots, melasma, acne scars & hyperpigmentation. And that’s not all.

Clearer, Brighter, Smoother Skin

The JUA-85 will diminish fine lines, shrink pores, and reduce acne scars and stretch marks. And that’s not all.


Safe, effective, at-home beauty technology designed specifically for brown & black complexions

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The Skincare Power Duo

Say goodbye to expensive treatments with safe, effective beauty technology from Belle51. Simple to use, just minutes a day, in the privacy of your own home.

Soléy Laser

Soléy Laser

Reduce dark spots, acne scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation and more with the Soléy Laser. Designed specifically for brown and black complexions.

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Diminish wrinkles & fine lines, stretch marks, and scarring with the JUA-85 microneedling & nano resurfacing systems. Evens out skin tone, improves skin texture and more.

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Belle51 Founder Lisa Pegram

Belle51 Founder Lisa Pegram

A visit to Sephora with a lighter-complexioned friend 10 years ago began Data Scientist Lisa Pegram's journey to create safe at-home laser treatments for people of color. Belle51 is the first beauty technology company to focus exclusively on the specific needs & skin issues of the Black & Brown communities.

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The Soléy Laser, plus full-size before and aftercare necessities, with a 1:1 training session with Belle51 founder Lisa Pegram! Fade, reduce, and remove dark spots, birthmarks, melasma, unwanted moles, acne scars and other imperfections from head to toe with the first laser cleared for use on brown & black skin tones.

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What our customers say...

See what happy Belle51 customers have to say about the Soléy Laser & JUA-85 microneedling and skin resurfacing systems. Their results speak for themselves!

Jacqueline P.

Adult acne and hyperpigmentation has ruined my skin. I’ve searched high and low for brown skin friendly skin care tools and products. I came across Belle 51 on Instagram and I purchased the set with both tools. I received the JUA-85 micro needle tool first. I saw an immediate difference in my skin after my first treatment. The softness, the absorption of my skin care regimen, the glow…I am a believer. The Soley laser just arrived and I’m looking forward to more positive results once I begin use.

Mimi K.

I'm so so happy I purchased the belle51 laser! I have a lot of old scars from acne and psoriasis. Due to the medication I take for my psoriasis, my skin tend to heal slowly. I've had this acne scar on my face for over a year with no improvement. After about 4 treatments, it's close to gone. I'm currently also using the laser on many many areas on my leg that are covered in scars from my psoriasis. I've asked many dermatologist about the scars and they just told me to wait it out and eventually the scars would fade, which was a lie. After 4 sessions I'm starting to see changes in my scars, they aren't perfect, but slowly getting there. The scars I've had for 18 years are slowly starting to fade. I'm starting to feel more beautiful in my own skin!

Tauschyn S.

I am new to the Belle family , but the customer service gets a 10/10 they stick to their policies and go above and beyond to meet your needs. I am working with the JUA-85 micro needling device for a few old blemishes on my leg and a scar on my face. Wish me luck. This doesn’t hurt and my scar on my face looks better. I’ll update my results at another time regarding my legs , because it may take longer.

Shakya G.

I love the serum because it’s gentle and it provides a lot of moisture to my face. It also makes my experience with the jua much smoother because my skin is moisturized. I also love the smell of it!

Dewanda M.

I had this mark on my face from when I was baby but I managed to get rid of totally after about 3 months of use

Precious K.

I love it!!! Amazing results in just 4 days on stubborn acne scars!! So bomb!!


Skin care has always been a major part of my beauty regime! This product has been ahmazing to use!! I had been having some textural concerns along with enlarged pores and just an overall dullness to my skin. and the use of some of expensive creams and serums just weren’t working for me either! After the first two sessions of using the belle51 My skin texture has improved and I noticed almost immediate results of much smoother skin which made me very happy!...

Kimberly F.

I've had this laser for about two to three weeks and I'm in love! I've dealt with bad hyperpigmentation for over a decade. The countless creams and serums have not done much but damage my pockets over time. I took the plunge and bought the Belle 51 laser and I have never regretted it. The results are amazing and although I'm not completely blemish free, my skin looks so much better from when I have started. Thankful for this company.


I got these results after two uses, I think you have to be intentional about how you use it because at first I didn't know how to use the product. Once I learned it was great!


I wanted to get the hyperpigmentation on my face removed and improve my skin texture.
After some research, I found this laser pen to be the best treatment for me.
I have been using it for 3 weeks and althought it is a little painful the numbing cream helps, I wish i had it years ago ^_^ , thanks for everything


I think this is the best product since sliced bread, I’ve see. An improvement after a few treatments. I will continue to use this, the only thing is there is no place for replacement cartridges.

Precious R.

Itttttt works!! I can tell a difference already if I continue the marks will be completely gone very soon, I’m so happy!!!